Frequently Asked Questions

What is mediation? What is the job of a mediator? 

Mediation is a process in which two or more parties involved in a dispute or legal disagreement meet in a private, confidential environment with one of our mediators, who will help the parties work together to resolve their issues. A mediator is a neutral, licensed, professionally trained third party who will focus on facilitating honest, compassionate communication, and will help all parties come to a mutually acceptable arrangement. 

What types of disputes can be resolved through mediation?

The Wayne County Dispute Resolution Center offers a wide variety of services that may pertain to disputes between two individual parties, individuals and institutions, and individuals and businesses. These can include:

  • Landlord/Tenant Disputes
  • Neighborhood Disputes/PPO
  • Small Claims Cases
  • Breach of Contract Cases
  • Probate Issues
  • Debt Settlement Cases
  • Employer-Employee Disputes
  • Employee-Employee Disputes
  • Divorce Cases
  • Custody/Co-Parenting Disputes
  • Domestic Issues
  • Estate Planning/Elder Care Disputes
  • School Attendance/Truancy Cases
  • Conflicts Between Families and Schools
  • Special Education Program Disputes
  • Interpersonal Conflicts Between Students
  • Restorative Justice/Victim-Offender Mediation

Are our services court-affiliated?

Our MI-Resolve program is sponsored by the Michigan Supreme Court, but is not a direct part of the court system. You do not have to have a case filed or pending in the court system to use our services, but if you do have a pending court date, you can choose to utilize our services before the hearing.

To learn more and to see if you qualify, click on our website link to MI-Resolve Online Mediations. Currently we do not charge any fees for this service.

Can mediators enforce agreements between parties?

No; our mediators cannot legally enforce a dispute resolution if none of the parties are willing to agree. If you cannot reach an agreement, our mediators will assist in helping you explore alternative options.

How do I initiate a mediation session?

Our mediation is by request. You can make an appointment for a mediation through our “Request Mediation” button above, or by calling our office at 313-561-3500

What can I expect before/during a mediation session?

The first thing we will do as mediators is send you a link to our Consent to Mediate Form (which is also available as a link at the bottom of this page). After filling out this form, we will set up a time to virtually meet over Zoom through our MI-Resolve services. If you do not have Zoom downloaded onto your computer, click here to download the program.

During our mediation sessions, we will give each of the aggrieved parties time to air their grievances and "side" of the story. We ask that clients make a best effort not to interrupt or speak over one another, even if they feel misrepresented by another party's version of events. We as mediators are trained to avoid rapid judgement of a situation and will calmly listen to every party involved, and will not automatically side with a greater or lesser power in a situation of imbalance.

Mediation as a tool is conciliattory and cooperative, based upon recognizing and meeting mutual goals. We as mediators can help balance the flow of conversation, offer counsel and advice, and suggest resources if clients need assistance towards meeting a goal, but we do not steer or push clients towards particular opinions or goals. Our goal as an organization is to help our clients reach an agreement that addresses all issues and is mutally beneficial for both, and we do not have our own agendas or seperate goals in any client matters. 

What other services does the Wayne County Dispute Resolution Center offer?

Outside of our mediation sessions, we also offer volunteer training for those looking to become specialized mediators themselves. You can look under our “Training” tab for information regarding training session dates and availability, pricing, and registration.

We also offer Restorative Practice Coaching for schools and businesses, which can help institutions understand the greater needs of their employees/students and the people they serve, as well as helping students and employees understand what their expectations are from these institutions. We are able to build better systems of conflict resolution through our Restorative Conflict training model, improving school and workplace culture through restorative means and empathetic, open communication.

If you are interested in booking a mediation session with us, click the "Request Mediation" button at the bottom of the page to be redirected to our form. If you have already been approved for mediation and wish to move forward, click on the "Consent to Mediate Form" button below.

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