Practical Experience

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The Wayne County Dispute Resolution Center serves as the primary learning resource in Wayne County for new mediators. Through practical experience, newly trained mediators are mentored by experienced mediators in a range of cases that enable them to achieve a skill level necessary to become effective mediators. WCDRC will review your application to ensure qualifications are met. At the interview, Mediator expectations will be explained, and your qualifications,
interests, knowledge, skills, and attitude will be assessed.
There are two cost options you may choose between, those being:
Option 1: Pay $299
Option 2: Sign an agreement to provide 20 hours of mediation (as the mediator) within a 24-month period.
If you meet the qualifications, we will contact you to schedule an interview. Following the process, you will be required to meet specific requirements to complete the certification process before mediating independently. 
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