Domestic Services

Our Domestic Dispute Resolution Programs

We offer a variety of Domestic Dispute Resolution programs that can resolve conflict between spouses, partners, family members and loved ones who wish to come to terms. All of our licensed mediators have taken the 40-hour Michigan State Court Administrative Office approved mediation training, and all have undergone thorough state background checks.

Divorce Mediation

Our mediators are here to assist with negotiations at any stage of the divorce process, including Early-Stage, Mid-Stage, Temporary Order, and Impasse or Late-Stage Mediation. We handle assets and property division, pensions and social security, custody arrangements, and establish contracts and mutual agreements between the seperating parties.

We are able to work alongside attorneys on pending court cases, but rather than representing one client over another, a mediator's role is to help both parties come to an understanding. We know that the process of divorce can be painful and overwhelming for all involved, and our goal is always to help our clients get through the process as cleanly and fairly as possible. 

Spousal/Child Support Mediation

For divorced or other legally seperated couples, financial disputes can be some of the hardest issues to resolve. Our mediators can help disputing parties negotiate a fair and consistent rate for periodic payments, taking into account all necessary monetary expenses.

For seperated parents of children, child support costs are calculated using the MSCF (Michigan Child Support Formula) based on the income, expense, and obligations of both parties. Deviations from this cost can only be made through court-ordered appeals, if the previous calculated amount is determined to be unjust to one or both involved parties. 

Parenting Time

Divorced or separated parents looking to negotiate or re-negotiate custody or visitation rights are able to use our services to come to mutual agreements that will benefit both their needs and their child(ren)'s. We help clients take into account a variety of factors including parent availability, transportation, vacations and holidays, closeness and contact with other family members, school schedules, health concerns, and other conditions the parties may consider.

Our mediators will help draw up contracts and written agreements for the purposes of both parties sticking to the negotiated plan (with any conditions that may require changes to the agreement in the future included - such as moving or remarriage - with the parties' consent). Our goals are your goals; most parents want what is best for their children, and our mediators will help you work together to find your ideal co-parenting solution.

Special Domestic Cases*

Occasionally a court will refer a domestic dispute or disturbance case to our offices, or parties seeking to find peace with each other may refer themselves to our services. We understand the delicate nature of these situations and will work together with both parties, so long as they are mutally agreeable and respectful towards each other, to find a solution as well as identify long-term goals to work on. We may also recommend individual or couples therapy in addition to our services, as well as rehabilitation or AA services in cases of substance abuse.

*Cases of recent domestic violence or assault are not recommended for mediation. If you or a loved one is in immediate danger of physical violence from another party, please utilize law enforcement services for your protection and the courts system for official cases and sentencing. If our mediators do suspect that a party is in danger during a mediation session from another (including threats of violence, possession of a weapon on our property, etc.), they can choose to end a session or call law enforcement at any time.

We help others by providing a safe & understanding environment to effectively resolve their disputes.

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