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In Our School Program
  • One afternoon I was asked to talk with a student who came into the office. In the course of the conversation, he told me he felt he had been bullied so badly in his class that he was thinking about killing himself. I assured him that we would take his situation very seriously, and I immediately connected him with our school social worker. I also let our principals know about the situation. The student received the help he needed, and finished the school year productively. 
  • I talked with a 10-year-old student who had recently returned from suspension for fighting. I asked her what her parents had said when she told them she had been suspended for fighting. She replied that they had not been upset about her suspension, but would have been upset if she had lost the fight. We talked about more positive ways to deal with the situation and reached an agreement to respect the other student. 
  • A student I had spoken with after his return from suspension requested a mediation with a student in another class. Both of their teachers were not aware that these students had an issue between them. During the discussion, it emerged that the boys had, some time prior, attended a birthday party together, and had gotten into a fight. That fight had not been resolved, and their feelings created tension and aggression. The boys apologized to each other and resumed what had been a friendship. 
  • A fifth-grade student who had been suspended for fighting refused to participate in a mediation with the student she fought with. I referred this case to the principals, who talked with the student's mother. Eventually, the student participated and then requested mediations with other students she had issues with. 
  • I was asked to talk with a student who had tried to start a fight with another student in his class. The teacher was concerned that this had been part of a pattern of aggression. When the boys were brought together, it emerged that they had been on the same football team several years before. During a game, one of the students had acted in a way that was misunderstood by the other student. They discussed the issue. They apologized to each other, and the aggressive behaviour stopped. 
  • Two students in a class were having difficulty relating to each other. Both spoke the same language in addition to English, but one student was more proficient in English than the other. The student who was less proficient relied on the other student to translate for her, and to assist her in following directions. The other student felt burdened by this, and it lead to frequent conflict. In the course of the mediation, they reached an understanding about asking for and giving help.
We help others by providing a safe & understanding environment to effectively resolve their disputes.

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